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New MCSE 2012 Track



And the news is that   Microsoft brings back MCSE .


Background story 

      MCSE originally dates back to the times of Windows NT and most of  the senior IT admins out here earned their first MCSE in late 90′s itself and most probably on Windows NT 4.0 Track . At that time it was called Microsoft Certified System Engineer . It was based on the older NetBEUI Domain based networking model and windows NT workstation or windows 95 as the client product .

Later Microsoft released new track of MCSE based on the new Windows 2000 Server. It  was a revolutionary change when compared to the old track because the new windows 2000 server is based on the active  directory service model of Domain management .

Few years after the release of the windows 2000 , Microsoft released windows 2003 server and the MCSE track was revised to accommodate the new line of products from Microsoft . 2003 server was a huge success when we compare it with windows 2000 server and naturally the certification based on 2003 was also a hit .

with server 2008 , the new certification path was MCITP rather than MCSE . Even though the new expansion ,Microsoft Certified IT Professional  was confusing term initially it helped to maintain a clear distinction between the old stream of technical skills with the new windows 2008 set of skills.

Microsoft Certified IT professional sounds great than MCSE , but lacks recognition as the tech community really liked the term MCSE over the new term and addition of many streams of MCITP like server , enterprise admin , Messaging , virtualization also added more confusion . But it is quite obvious that the different streams of MCITP is good for a professional who need to focus on a specific area of technology rather than just studying a vast topics .


The new update from Microsoft is that they are bringing back MCSE along with the new certification on windows Server 2012 ( formerly known as windows 8 server ) 


But the new certification is named Microsoft Certified Solution Expert instead of  the system Engineer . Sounds better and more fashionable .



Microsoft currently offers 8 streams of specialization for the all new  MCSE 2012 and the most popular one for the IT professional is the MCSE Server infrastructure  path. for the complete list of tracks offered by Microsoft , please check the direct  link from Microsoft here 


Certification Path to MCSE Server Infrastructure  


The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Server Infrastructure certification validates that you have the skills needed to run a highly efficient and modern data center, with expertise in identity management, systems management, virtualization, storage, and networking.

There are totally 5 papers for you to become a MCSE. The first three papers will make you an MCSA ( solution Associate  ) and next 2 papers decides your area of expertise for your Serer infrastructure . ie for all the tracks of MCSE , the first three papers are common and the last two papers decide your specialization .


First go through  the 3 paper to become an MCSA

Then Write two more papers to become an MCSE


If you are a current MCITP 2008 certificate holder , a single exam with exam code 417 will make you MCSA in 2012 instead of 410+411+412  then you have to write 413+414 to become MCSE in 2012 . For persons with older versions of MCSE like windows 2000 and 2003 track , they have to go though the normal full track of the new MCSE to get certified


So   Update Now or Stay Behind 

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